We can’t emphasise enough how much we love Missy Elliott. Which is why, given that there’s still no solid release date on a full album, we were a little concerned that November’s WTF (Where They From) was a one off, an all-too-short reminder that she’s still the queen of everything before she returned to whatever disco space palace she lives in. (We assume it’s a disco space palace, based on Missy’s aesthetics, but this is, admittedly, conjecture.)

Don’t worry, though! Because after a lot of hint-dropping, Missy has blessed us with a new single, Pep Rally. And it’s good. Oh boy it’s good. Australia doesn’t even really do pep rallies and we’re still bouncing along to this like our lives depended on it.

With a killer hook and Missy’s signature humour, Pep Rally is yet to have a video, but you can check out some killer clips of people enjoying the tune on Missy’s Instagram.

In the meantime, you can download the single on iTunes.