About Banshee

Banshee is a feminist blog dedicated to the works and experiences of women and LGBTQIA+ people in music. We feel that even though these artists are doing great things, their representation within the industry is still not enough. We exist to promote, celebrate and encourage discussion of these artists and professionals and their contributions to the music industry.


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Katie Fairservice

Founder/Managing Editor

Photographer and avid lover of music. Can't play an instrument to save my life so instead admire and promote those who can.

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Alex Johnson

Assistant Editor

Alex Johnson is a menace whose greatest online achievement is getting hate mail for calling Matthew McConaughey's arms short. She likes movies, boy bands and punk rock, not necessarily in that order

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Wes Fahey


Hardly a wordsmith, just a fan of your band (probably).

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Bee Spence


Bee Spence is probably a girl from Melbourne, Victoria. She has written for WhatSound, Speaker.tv, and Junkee.

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Justin Ashworth


music lover, sound artist/composer, and average guy trying to be a better ally.

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Kimberley Thomson


Kimberley Thomson is a journalist, nonfiction writer and guitarist. You can keep tabs on her at kimberleythomson.wordpress.com

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Samira Samatalis


Samira Samatalis is a writer, producer and music presenter based in Sydney.

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Triana Hernandez


Triana is a journalist + directs music clips.