Sometimes a song catches you so by surprise it physically throws you back. That was the case for MKO SUN’s latest release ‘Michiko’, her opening willowy vocals and stirring piano lured me in and did nothing to prepare me for the track’s dark wresting bass that surged at me like a wave does to the shoreline.

With its title translating to mean ‘born on a lucky planet’, it’s an utterly compelling song that tracks a different path to previous release ‘Black Seaweed’.

“In the song, Michiko refers to an elevated state of being; that place you find when you triumph over your mind and feel the lightness of the world, as opposed to its gravity.” says Hannah Macklin aka MKO SUN.

“Whereas Black Seaweed lamented death, Michiko celebrates life. All dazzling colours and cosmic cartoon glitter, Michiko is the very antithesis of a nightmare. It is a dream…All of this life is a dream.”