While we’re still jealous of the people who got to be a part of Courtney Barnett‘s pop up gig in London just a couple of days ago, Barnett and co have dropped the clip for one of her album’s catchiest tracks ‘Nobody Really Cares Of You Don’t Go To The Party’. Which, to keep the jealous green still bright in our cheeks, shows footage of said pop up gig.

It follows months of teasing, with scores of identical giant billboards, posters, and even murals springing up around the world like the one in the video; all declaring the same unattributed statement.

This song probably defines the thought processes of every twenty-something (hell, probably defines the thoughts of many more demographics, I’m just speaking from experience).

To celebrate a monumental year, Barnett has a headline tour on the cards playing Perth, Sydney and Melbourne in January next year. Along with her headline shows, Courtney Barnett will be playing the Falls Music and Arts Festival over New Years as well as Southbound 2016.