Yesterday, Melbourne’s Clairy Browne did an interview for The Music on Periscope as part of promotion for her upcoming release Pool. Innocent premise enough until Browne was inundated with horrifyingly sexist comments from users reducing her to her physical appearance.

Now where have I seen that before? Oh yeah we were just talking about it yesterday when this guy put a call out for female DJs (complete with list of appearance requirements) and when Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino called out a reviewer last year for diminishing a live performance down to her “short latex skirt, a sheer mesh top, and a pair of suede heels”.

Having none of it, Browne penned her frustration and disappointment of the interview quickly, sharing a selection of the appalling comments she received that littered throughout ACTUAL commenters who were ACTUALLY interested in her new music and what she had to say.

“Here’s some of the comments that were blowing up my screen.

@burakxxz – may i suck your tit
@jackson123 – good lord i’d leave my family for her.
@ebendedenemin – i like your boobs
@fartinski – those are some nice cans
@jackson123 – FUB – f up butt?
@ebendedenemin – let’s fuck
@sylvesterpatron – nice rack mate
@gazetecix – show her ass
@alpergul555 – ass show
@fartinski – how is she not known in the US… those can rival any over here
@sylvesterpatron – i bet you have biggg nipples
@zmbrook – hey whats up sexy
@jackson123 – if she stopped talking, i could finish faster
@bkp47 – great boobs
@sylvesterpatron – show those tits
@matthewfromla – super dirty
@bkp47 – what a body
@sylvesterpatron – i see nipples got hard
@bkp47 – just show the tits
@bkp47 – dd’s?
@jackson123 – does she do anal? that’s a pool question
@jcanthony – is she shaved trimmed or full bush

REALLY??? Gross.”

Gross it right. Here is an accomplished musician ready to share what she has been working on and all these people can do is devalue her to her “tits and ass”. It’s the continuation of women’s worth being the equivalent of a sexualised object, and that they are only here for the leering eyes of men. It’s a disgusting part of our culture that women have to constantly push against and as Browne puts it;

“Here I am talking about my album, something great that I accomplished — and THIS is what you all have to say? This is the kind of blatant misogyny that we — all women — experience daily, as if we have no value known to man than that which serves him sexually or otherwise, but always less valuable than him. Whether it’s body shaming, slut shaming or degrading women by reducing them down to tits and a pussy, it’s the same disgusting shit and dudes need to be made accountable.”

Well done to Clairy Browne for calling this shit out, because the more we shed light on this kind of behaviour the more that cane be done to prevent it. A round of applause must also be given to The Music, who have taken to twitter to name and shame the perps, and they have delightfully told these same “atrocious human beings” to fuck off via Facebook.

Clairy Browne’s album Pool is due for release April 15th. Check out the video for single ‘Vanity Fair’ featuring the Brooklyn Queens and some gorgeous local fashion from designers Gun Shy and Edgeley.