We’ve talked a lot about the representation of women in music festival lineups (or lack thereof) a lot recently. It’s frustrating, going to a festival, finding that two of your favourite female performers are on at the same time on different stages and realising you have literally no other option to hear a female voice on stage for the rest of the day.

Which is why attending Earopund – the Women’s and LBGTQIA+ Festival – was such a pleasant surprise. There were nothing but women’s voices. The beauty of pulling together an entire small festival of underrepresented acts is that the sounds on the night were incredibly diverse.

The Newtown Social Club was filled with girls harmonising over the joy of being a girl in band, spoken word acts, wordless electronica illuminated by psychedelic projections, and sweet pop sung by girls throwing elbows like they were opening the pit up.

Acts from the night included Astrix Little, Chunyin, Imperial Broads, Fabels and Bree Vam Reyk. It was a beautiful evening, and the best bit is, you don’t even have to be sad you missed it because Part 2 is happening at Alpha Gallery on 30th January with an even bigger lineup!

You can check out their Facebook event here for more info.