My Wednesday night with Girlpool and Summer Flake at The Reverence could quite easily become my new happy place.

Coming in to the band room early, Summer Flake‘s Stephanie Crase stood alone onstage, shredding effortlessly through music that reminded me of the songs that would have me spending countless hours in my room as a teenager with the stereo turned up. Shimmery alt-rock with harmonies that lilted and rose tenderly while Crase’s fuzzed line riffs nodded to the low-humming styles of 90s indie, with or without full band (who did join her mid set for a couple), it was completely captivating.

It was that way for Girlpool too. Through a sincerity and endearing ability to litter the silence between songs with wondering what Ashlee Simpson is up to these days, the randomness of Australia having a giant rock in the middle of it and experiencing a Lizzie Mcguire moment when landing in Brisbane, the two from California formed a bond with the crowd that had me spying many grinning faces in the dark. Coupling their humourous banter with their emotive storytelling through percussion-less, powerful harmonies and off-centred pacing, the two had the entire room’s complete attention as they carried us through songs like ‘Paint On Colors,’ ‘Ideal World’ and my personal fave ‘Before The World Was Big.’

And when I overheard a girl in the crowd nearby whisper that it was all so good that her heart ached, I could only nod to myself in consensus.