Ever played a song and suddenly felt breathless? Like the sound has hitting you square in the chest like a brick and you’re just left floundering?

That was my situation mere moments ago upon hearing the premiere of Woodes‘ brand new single ‘Dagger & Knives’, an exquisite gossamery track that slinks and shimmers. With its skeletal instrumentation of clicking percussion and ghostly backing vocals its a potent and powerful debut single from the Melbourne artist.

Woodes is the moniker of Elle Graham, a prolific producer, singer and songwriter who has collaborated with acts such as Golden Vessel, Set Mo, Elkkle and Atticus Beats. While she has gained some spotlight with her fantastic collaborations such as last year’s song ‘Muddy’ with fellow producer Elkkle, up until now we haven’t seen anything solo, though there are allusions to a solo EP possibly being released sometime this year.