In a video featuring a cowboy-hat wearing angel, a bloodied Roccoco maiden twirling on kitsch-coloured sports grounds and guys and dolls-esque characters flinging spaghetti; Grimes has truly shown her aesthetic. Colourful, frenetic and full of the abstraction, the beauty and the horror of life.

‘Flesh Without Blood’, the first release from her fourth album Art Angels, follows a more conventional breed of song structure, one that is naturally distant from Boucher’s older releases. It has a weirdly wonderful ability to be completely full of energy even in the moments when the music simplifies and dips in frenzy. To me it’s a song of catharsis that depicts the aftermath of a breakup as a new surge of energy and light rather darkness and wallow.

‘Life in the Vivid Dream’ takes a breath and slows down, and seems more reminiscent of the aural style of Visions, although the computer generated instruments have made way for actual instruments. Together the two songs showcase Grimes for what she is; a brilliant pop song writer who creates the music she wants to hear; regardless of whether it fits into expectations and conventions.

Grimes’ Art Angels is released digitally 6th November and physically 11th December.

grimes art angels

Grimes – Art Angels
1. laughing and not being normal
2. California
3. SCREAM ft. Aristophanes
4. Flesh without Blood
5. Belly of the beat
6. Kill V. Maim
7. Artangels
8. Easily
9. Pin
10. Realiti
11. World Princess part II
12. Venus Fly ft. Janelle Monáe
13. Life in the Vivid Dream
14. Butterfly