It may only just tick over the two minute mark, but the latest single ‘Second Sage’ from young Barcelonian band Mourn leaves an impression.

Of the track, Mourn’s Jazz Robriguez Bueno explains the inspiration, “I was feeling alone, I had nothing to do so I spent the most of the time playing the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. That was the only thing that made me feel good at that time, and it made me feel kind of useful somehow. One day after playing, I picked my guitar and started talking about it. It’s basically about me waiting for someone to talk to me while I am in the Fire Temple.”

Curious as it manages to bounce into the dimly lit sentimentalities of post-punk all while retaining a vibrancy that could be due to the youth of the band members. ‘Second Sage’ is about finding happiness within isolation, although as a fellow Zelda player I enjoyed that the happiness came from The Temple of Fire and not say, The Water Temple.

Because no one finds happiness in The Water Temple.

Mourn’s second album Ha, Ha, He. comes out Friday 3rd June.