While the joy of New Years celebrations wear off as many of us return to work for another year, Brisbane indie poppers Juno Blue are clearly opting to dance their way through early 2016. Still a relatively new band, their second single ‘Can You See In The Dark’ is a gleaming assurance of great things to come.

Bounding in with guitars that sound like they’re resonating through a tin can underwater and watering synths piling up behind singer Kirstie McGlone’s dynamite vocals, the song calls back to the disco parties of the 80s with a flurry of cabbage patches and electric slides and a definite bop in its step.

It’s hard to not just succumb to lining this article with a million dance gifs, dusting my hands off and then shimmying off towards the weekend.tumblr_n1852m7p051r44j84o1_400