Coming off their forthcoming album Armour, Rae Spoon has released their newest single ‘Stolen Song’. Beneath its enchantingly gentle guitar and sparse electronics lies an optimistic yet critical look at the appropriation of gender identity and culture within the music scene.

As they say when discussing the track with Beatroute, “A couple of years ago, a band put out a music video with a gender variant protagonist. I felt like the portrayal only perpetuated stereotypes about trans/gender-diverse people. It really upset me because no one in the band or the actor was gender-variant/transgender. It felt like my identity was being treated like a costume to make the band appear more interesting. Then I realized that there are a lot of these examples in the music/arts industry. I have also mistakenly appropriated culture from other people. ‘Stolen Song’ is a call to folks, including myself, to stop using identities that don’t belong to us in our art. Musically, the song is upbeat and has some great drum programming by Berlin artist Alexandre Decoupigny. I wanted it to sound optimistic and positive.”

The track is delightful in its simplicity, the soft instrumentation allowing for the Spoon’s lyrics to truly shine.

Rae Spoon’s album Armour comes out February 19th.