Synth Babe Records, the project of Melbourne born, Sweden based electronic artist Anya Trybala aka Ninoosh, is getting set to go live this August. Releasing a new track each Friday of the month, Synth Babe Records aims to champion the expansive talent of female producers.

Starting off the weekly releases will be Melbourne-based artist Ok Sure remixing Synth Babe Records newest signed artist, Sweden’s The Fleurs, with the preview of the track giving great promise with its saturnine beats that call to the cold of Sweden’s winters.

When talking to Trybala earlier this year as she was getting the gears rolling for these upcoming releases, her excitement for this project was infectious. Since launching Synth Babe Records late last year, Trybala has been introduced to an influx of amazing female producers creating innovative music as she collects tracks for upcoming compilation Babes of…Melbourne. The compilation launches later this year in collaboration with Melbourne techno collective Node and will be raising funds for the International Women’s Development Fund. Artists to feature on the compilation include Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet) Ok Sure, Pillow Pro, Chiara Kickdrum, Sophia Sin, Khali Carter, The Vainglories, Lacuna, Jean, Ninoosh and a whole host of other fabulous women.

Trybala doesn’t hope to stop there with future compilations showcasing other international cities already on the cards. To catch the weekly releases of Synth Babe Records, check out the Facebook event for more details.