It is very well known that women and LGBTQIA+ people are regularly harassed on the street, anything from being told to ‘smile’ right through to physical assault. Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of such harassment knows that it can be a dangerous situation to stand up for yourself. It’s fucked up and people rail against it everyday and Mexico City’s Hijas de Violencia have come up with a brilliant way of making a stand against harassment on the street.

In Mexico City, where a reported 44% of women have encountered various forms of sexual violence, the women walked equiped with confetti guns and their own punk rock song ‘Sexista Punk’, firing back against men who harass them. Yelling blunt and empowered lyrics such as “you talk to me as if you are going to rape me,” while dancing together in front of their confused harassers, it shows a great fun approach to calling out unacceptable behaviour.

As one of the group, Ana Karen says,  “We recommend you have fun with so that you’re not left feeling violated after what happened and you’re able to move on and have a great day.”

I reckon if you were to trade the confetti for glitter you would have a definite winner, because that shit gets everywhere and never leaves.


Listen to ‘Sexista Punk’ in its entirety.