Sequins, glitter, lots of strutting and a cameo from a poodle – it’s hard to look past the glitzy new video from Melbourne artist Tanzer for her song latest ‘Johnny’. Looking like it swaggered out of a John Waters inspired 50s dance hall, the clip is a rich companion to Tanzer’s ode to a man who holds his true personality behind a mask.

There’s so much to love about this video, the sequinned fashion of Melbourne designer Edgeley, the flirtatious dancers who are none other than Karen From Finance, Dandrogyny, Benjamin Hancock and James Andrews and the ever opulent orchestration of the song in spotlight. ‘Johnny’ is an intoxicating track that packs itself densely behind the power of Hayley Foster’s incredible voice, sparkling with the many influences yet still uniquely Tanzer.

Also this is everything.


Tanzer will be launchin her debut EP Four Love Songs by Tanzer on heart-shaped, scarlet glitter vinyl (yes it really is heart-shaped and yes you do need one) at The Toff in Town on Saturday May 28th.