‘YoYo’, the first single from Two Steps on the Water‘s soon to be released God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye is a sublime example of how emotionally charged songwriting can not only be a form of catharsis but a form of comfort. As a song written by singer June Jones to her younger self, the track is warm and reassuring with glimmering violin and guitar spread beneath Jones’ spellbindingly raw vocals.

When the sky was falling 
and you couldn’t ask for help 
You were sure there was one person to blame 
and that person was yourself 

And although the song is quite personal to Jones, the strength in the writing allows for listeners to find parts of themselves within. Hearing the words “and if the world don’t love you then the world is wrong” resonates so much with me that it is a reminder that music can move beyond pure enjoyment into a place where it can sing for your soul. That is what Two Steps on the Water do and have done with ‘YoYo’.

Two Steps on the Water are launching God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye at the Tote, Melbourne on Friday August 19th with Camp Cope and RVG.