Have you ever put effort into something that you can’t guarantee will work? Ever felt that quivering meld of apprehension and anticipation that makes your heart beat a little too fast and your mind run with a wild cacophony of scenarios, all while you wait to see if what you’ve put forward will turn into something? Anything?

That is the story of Dogood‘s latest single ‘Napier Street’. An affecting ditty that winds the tale of the uncertainty of investing in something you don’t know will work, Dogood’s unabashed honesty in her lyrics setting familiar scenes for us all to nod along to.

Fuelled my late night with one dollar coffee, waiting on your reply
2:30am I packed it all in, feeling like I’d fucking die

With the flittering chime of tambourines marking the beat beneath the jangle of guitar, the very sound of  ‘Napier Street’ mirrors the pace of an apprehensive heart waiting for a text back. Dogood taps into a part of life that could easily bring her down and instead creates a beautiful track bright with the kind of optimism we all need to get through times of potential disappointment.

“I actually do not know how to write in any other way. I didn’t really choose to write these kinds of songs, it’s just that was the only thing coming out. It’s kind of nice to write songs that say the things you didn’t get to say the first time around. Even if no one is listening. It’s definitely cathartic.”

The accompanying video is warm with Melbourne staples from lines of ageing terrace houses, to leaves just starting to change colour, to tram tracks on the road. The video follows the mirroring movements of two people setting out on their day. “I think there is an assumed connectedness…I kind of see it as people live their lives walking in circles and every so often these circles overlap and you have this time with someone and then it’s off again.”

‘Napier Street’ is available now via Dogood’s bandcamp.