Melbourne’s HABITS have been infecting our ears with their “Sad Goth Party Jam” sounds for about 9 months now and, to be honest, we’re totally fine with it. We’ve been fans since their debut single ‘Ether’ featured on the first ever Banshee Mixtape and we’re incredibly excited to premiere the video for it.

The duo have teamed up with auteur extraordinaire Reuben Schmidt, who has directed videos for Crepes, Collarbones and City Calm Down to name a few. Together they’ve delivered a highly conceptual visual experience that seamlessly transitions from flawless animation to low-fi home video in a captivating marriage of old and new aesthetics, all of which perfectly complements the dark synth vibes of the track.


Describing the concept of the video, the band gave full credit to “certified angel” Schmidt for the concept. “The video is primarily spatial and environmental. In the video, ‘Ether’ is an unknown place which we inhabit, comprised of a digital alternate world and desolate urban landscapes (actually shot in nooks around Footscray).

“We reckon he perfectly captured the pace and coldness of the track tbh.”

HABITS debut EP ‘Ugly Cry’ is available now via bandcamp.