In the aftermath of the hugely successful worldwide Women’s March on January 21st; we simultaneously bask in the glow of solidarity and strength of the event, while also looking to what must be done next. As we hold our breaths in dreaded anticipation of what bigotry will come next, LA punk rock feminist activist and self-proclaimed troublemaker Alice Bag has given words to those who will continue to resist in the form of tune ‘Reign of Fear’.

This is not normal
Let’s not pretend
It feels horrible
But it’s not the end

It’s beyond politics
It’s about hate
You’re looking for a scapegoat
To make you feel great

We reject your reign of fear
We reject your reign of fear

We’ll resist you
We won’t stand by
We’ll block your way
No, we won’t comply

We reject your
Reign of fear
We reject your
Reign of fear

The future is female
The future is queer
Look out man cuz
The future is here
The future adapts to
Meet our needs
The future comes in
All colors and creeds

Alice Bag was lead singer and co-founder of The Bags, one of the first wave of punk bands to form in the mid-1970’s in Los Angeles. Last year saw the release of her debut solo album Alice Bag which you can get here.