Notorious sludge punks The Melvins have bashed heads with Le Butcherette‘s Teri Gender Bender to create a beast of a cover of Bikini Kill‘s ‘Rebel Girl’. Not deviating too much from the original aside from a slight pace increase and the unavoidable distinction between Billy Karren and Buzz Osborne’s fuzz and Kathleen Hanna and Teri Gender Bender’s vocals, it’s a ripper of a cover.

For anyone in the states who managed to catch The Melvins and Le Butcherettes on their recent joint tour around America, you’ve probably had the joy of seeing this hard-hitting cover in the flesh. The cover is part of Joyful Noise‘s Almost Live from Joyful Noise series with it’s limited run of 100 lathed-cut 7-inches already sold out. Thankfully, they’ve put this video of the recording online for all us saps who missed out.