The characters of fiction, whether in movies, comics, books or television shows, can mean a great deal to us as the audience. You may root for them to come out on top by the end or develop headcanons and tangent tales to share in fan circles. Or, if your The Prettiots, you pen an ode to you favourite fictional detective – Elliot Stabler of Law and Order.


And who wouldn’t, just look at that dazzle of a man. The deliciously boppy song is an indie pop delight that details exactly why Stabler has entered the hearts of many. “Elliot Stabler is definitely my type,” says frontwoman Kay Kasparhauser. “A strong, dominant man with a love for justice and doing the right thing, an unpredictable temper, a strong sense of family values and some good tattoos. He doesn’t necessarily play by the rules but he always gets the job done.”

The band are doing a seriously limited run of cassettes (like ten copies) of ‘Stabler’ which you can purchase here.